In the beginning

A horizon was pursued 15 years ago by a young gentleman named Norbert. His was a passion to not only meditate on his dream but to appropriate and implement it into a business idea that saw the birth of Centrifugal Technologies Ltd.

In 1995 he registered Centrifugal Technologies as a sole proprietor. Being employed then as a Senior Copier Engineer by Copy Cat Kenya, he did not venture into business until 2003 when he was joined by Pauline.

Pauline resigned from her Public Relations and Administration position of 10 years in 2003 at Nairobi International School of Theology; to bring on board a wealth of experience in Administration and Public Relations. This saw Centrifugal transform from a sole proprietor company into a Private Ltd company by end of 2003. Two years later Norbert resigned from Copy Cat Kenya adding his experience of 12 years in the field of office equipment sales and support. Together; Centrifugal Technologies embarked on a journey of well researched business ideologies that have molded its integrity.

To date, Centrifugal Technologies Ltd has opened 3 outlets within Nairobi and increased its number of employees from 3 in 2003 to the current 18. Sections have mutated to give the company its current status of Technical, Copy Centre and Graphics Design, Branding and Printing departments. Our core business therefore became sale and support of office equipments, bulky xeroxing / printing ,graphics design,branding/printing of gift and promotional items. We pride our self of a young, dynamic and well trained workforce; flexible to the ever changing needs of our clientele.

Our Work force

CENTRIFUGAL TECHNOLOGIES LTD comprises of well trained personnel; offering outstanding services with a passion for their work.

This is beefed with a self esteem that has been seasoned with the ever changing needs of our informed clientele. We boast of a young, dynamic and innovative workforce; that is flexible and adapts well to new technology with speed and ease giving you value added service from the different domains of our influence.

Our Style

Customer confidentiality is our paramount endeavor as we aspire to not only be crowned by your loyalty but serve with a view of creating long term relationships along our path of service.

We are committed to you and offer quality services as we support your values by availing our expertise to your needs in respect to prompt delivery.

Working at Centrifugal Technologies Ltd is a whole rounded experience. Its not just coming to work every day and expecting a pay at the end of every month. As part of our CSR,we have partnered with organizations like Kenya Kids Learning Centre- Mukuru Kwa Njenga where at least each employee gets an opportunity to outreach and encourage a kid while donating essentials like books, desks and writing materials. This makes us appreciate one another and the many uncounted blessings.

Join The Team

Staff Birthday Cake Centrifugal Technologies has not only trained its employees but has given them an opportunity to grow their careers through empowerment. Some have left the company to set up their own copy centres after a wealth of experience natured by our in-house training.

Their copy centers were not only furnished and set up by our technical department but they still enjoy maintenance at subsidized prices in parts and consumables for their machines.

At Centrifugal we celebrate the life of our employees. Every month we enjoy a cake and birthday singing to at least two or one person by getting together for 15 minutes in appreciation of their undying loyalty to the company.

Centrifugal fetes its man power. We recognize different employees and their ability to single handedly turn around sales and customer loyalty and offer incentives for their input.

Every end of year is not only a thanks giving to God for seeing us through the months. Its also a time to enjoy each other’s company in a get together that have us enjoy a diversified range of childhood stories; that have molded the characters we see on our daily basis amongst our colleagues and the impact they have on the society at large.

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