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SEP 2011 Nairobi International Trade Fair

Over the years, Centrifugal Technologies Ltd has been positioning itself to serve you better. This is it. Do not miss an opportunity whose time is now, to learn about new technology, purchase high end branded merchandise or start your own entity at your county level.

During the 2011 Nairobi International Trade Fair, we welcome you to know us better. Get exposed to our behind-the-scene scenarios in sale and maintenance of office and branding equipment. Learn the recipes of successful operation and print media of your equipment.

We bring Equipment, Knowledge, Print Media and Technical Backup of all the equipment sold and maintained by ourselves to your doorsteps.We have all your worries about
»    Maintenance of Copiers, Selected printers and Heat Presses
»    Consumables and Spares parts
»    Print Media and user know how

Wrapped under our logo and are ready to partner with you at your comfort zone.
Check out at our stand on starter kits for:

»    Mug Branding
»    T-shirt/ Cap Branding
»    Badge Branding
»    Small Copy Center

The choice is yours.

Become a one stop sourcing solution in your county by applying for Agency of our Equipments, Print Media and Technical Knowhow.

Join THE POWER OF NOW to dictate the POWER OF TOMORROW Pictorial coming soon

July 2011- Barclays Business Club Expo (1st-3rd July 2011

Members of the Barclays business club exhibiting and selling their products and services, some of the items on display are from catering services, travel services, educational and motivational speakers, wholesale and retail toy suppliers, interior designers, garages, schools, solar, telecomunications, designers, advertisers, IT just to mention a few.See Pictorial above

March 2011- New Office

Our new Head office and sales and marketing showroom is now fully operational at Banda Street, behind I & M building.Meet our young and dynamic sales and marketing team for all your needs from our different domains of influence.See Pictorial above

March 2011- Appointment

Centrifugal Technologies Ltd has been appointed Authorized distributors for TheMagicTouch products and services in the region.This will not only see our company sale graphics Design, Branding and printing equipments on gift and promotional merchandise; but also distribute print media for the same as well as train on user and technical knowhow. Download brochure here

March 2011 - Focus Africa-Kenya Expo 2011

Centrifugal Technologies Ltd in conjunction with Magic Touch Dubai participated in the Focus Africa – Kenya Expo that was held at Sarit Centre from 3rd – 6th of March 2011.
This exposed more than 300 people to TheMagic Touch products, Technology and Skills. See Gallery.

March 2011 - CSR Fundraising

Centrifugal Technologies has a passion for the society and believes in social responsibility. On 5th of March 2011, the Company helped Fundraise for classroom block at Kenya Kids for Christ Learning Centre in Mukuru Kwa Njenga .
Kenya Kids Learning Centre was started by Elly Ash who is an only child of her parents and forfeited her comfort zone to reach out to the children of Mukuru slum which is situated about 10km outside Nairobi, Kenya, and the conditions there are inhuman.See Pictorial

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